I would not hesitate to recommend Ron to anyone who wants to work with only the best. Ron Shuma epitomizes what it is to be A+. He is a total professional, extremely competent and does a job to its ultimate perfection. What is special about Ron is that he knows what works, and what makes something visually artistic and pleasing to the eye. In other words, besides making sure to have things organized and in place, Ron also strives to make things look so good, you are inspired to keep things in order. Ron is great to work with and I know you will be as pleased as I am, should you hire him to help you get organized.
— Joyce Barrie, Success Coach - Joymarc Enterprises, Inc.

Ron Shuma’s business, A+ Organizing, is aptly named because he always gives 100% to every project. Working with me on several recent staging projects, Ron made a significant contribution to the successful interior transformations with his organizing skills and creative flair. In addition, his professional attitude and work ethic, and his pleasing personality make him a pleasure to work with.
— Nairn Friemann, President Ingenuity & Pizzazz, Inc.

He literally turned chaos into order making my highly dysfunctional office a
working dream.
— Debi Wisch, President and Co-Owner Janis Provisor Jewelry (and mother of three!)

Ron has brought an incredible sense peace and calm to my home. He helped me to find a place for all of my things and arranged them in a way that is logical to me. I am now able to quickly access what I need when I need it. Ron also made the process fun, which alleviated my stress, got the job done quickly and motivates me to keep it organized.
— Michael Sarkozi, Managing Director - J.P. Morgan Chase

Ron Shuma helped our family with a very complicated, multi-stage move, transforming what could have been a logistical nightmare into a painless process and saving us much aggravation and stress.

Our move consisted of leaving our Manhattan apartment for a temporary Manhattan apartment and storage; then moving into a summer house on Long Island; and finally moving from the Long Island home and storage into our newly renovated apartment at the end of August, a time when it is hard to get anything at all done. To make matters even more difficult, I was on bed-rest with complications from my advanced pregnancy at the time. I truly needed someone to take over our move completely, attending to every detail, from choosing a moving company to deciding what should go to storage and what should come with us, to coming up with a floor plan and putting all our groceries, clothing and underwear away.

This was a huge, overwhelming task and Ron took it on and executed it with panache, professionalism and a sense of humor. He expertly broke the move into stages, dealt with building and management staff and supervised the moving company and his own staff. With his know-how, he choreographed a move that allowed me to spend moving day lolling by the pool at our beach house with my six-year-old. When we showed up at our new Manhattan apartment, the kitchen was expertly organized down to the last cutlery tray; my son’s room exactly resembled the one at our last apartment (Ron had thought to photograph the old room, the better to recreate it and give my son a sense of comfort in the new place); the books were organized on the bookshelves; the furniture was beautifully placed in a design of Ron’s own; the bed was made with freshly laundered and ironed linens; and the toothbrush was in the toothbrush holder.

I was so impressed that I then hired Ron to design a new home office for me, and move me out of my office across town. I should add that my home office is less than a quarter of the size of my previous office, so this was again a real challenge. In no time, Ron came up with space saving solutions and a design and decorating plan for a cozy, beautiful and organized office where I am able to be more productive than ever before.

I recommend Ron for your moving and organizing needs without reservation.
— Dr. W. Martin

Within 12 seconds Ron fixed a problem that I’ve had for the last 15 years. Now every time I open my kitchen cabinet and see how organized it is I smile in amazement and joy.
— Francine Cohen Kessler, Author

I went from pack rat to ‘rat pack.’ Honestly, my home is now sophisticated and stylish. Ron and I have been making our way through room by room with fantastic results everywhere.

Ron also helped me plan rooms that didn’t even exist. The first one is complete and it is incredibly comfortable, organized and easy to maintain.

He also sourced amazing resources for me, not the least of which is in my walk-in Tiffany styled closet. Imagine multiple floor-standing clothing racks, smoothly gliding on tracks so I can move an access isle to any point between the racks.

If I had to say three words about Ron, they would be: Prompt, Professional, and Visionary.
— Susan Shaw, Artist, Entrepreneur S.L. Shaw, Inc.

I contacted Ron for help designing a custom floor to ceiling built-in cabinet, desk, and murphy bed to maximize the space in my new 375 sq. foot studio apartment. I am absolutely thrilled with the final result. I had a rough idea of what I was looking for and Ron worked with me to narrow down exactly what I needed and then he drafted up a design that really looked great. The dimensions of all functional units were precisely measured and very well thought out in terms of movement through the apartment and overall “livability”. I receive gushing compliments from everyone who visits my place. Ron was also able to hone in on what my style was (“mid-century modern”) and he provided furniture and color suggestions to tie the space together. Those suggestions were truly invaluable. I must also say that Ron has a very professional demeanor and great sense of humor! It is very energizing to work with someone who loves what he does.
— Luke Evans, Banker, The Bank Of Nova Scotia

Ron is absolutely the BEST! Prompt, professional, upbeat and a true visionary. After 50+ years living in NYC he made my cross-country move possible with his insightful planning; his thorough, artistic and intuitive thinking; and his fabulous resource connections. He turned what could have been overwhelming logistical nightmare into a seamless process. I couldn’t have accomplished it without him.
— Joan Morgan

His logical and pragmatic approach is tempered by an artistic flair and an appreciation for aesthetics and design. He has the knowledge and skill to organize in a practical yet appealing way, and to adapt to the circumstances you may establish, even in a very chaotic environment.
— Michel Ducamp, Chief Operating Officer Solstice

Ron bought structure and systems to chaos, working with my own thought processes so that the systems feel logical to me. He provided clarity by putting things together logically so that I can easily maintain my newly found organization. Working with me, Ron helped me to understand how to create these effective systems so that they can actually work for me. Following my appointments with him, I found that I could hear his voice encouraging me to put things in place and actually use the organization systems we had created.

With his knowledge and expertise, Ron bought another level to my efficiency and my effectiveness and, in turn, my ability to grow my business. Bringing order to my chaos has bought peace to the way I work and live, giving me FREEDOM to move on to bigger and better things.
— Elizabeth Grant, Esquire Grant Counsel & Associates, LLC

Ron Shuma is a wizard and a wonder. No matter what your organizational challenge, he’s up to it. In the first of three 6-hour sessions, he pulled everything out of my bulging closets, asked a lot of questions, encouraged me to throw out as much as possible, organized everything into piles (donate to charity; put in storage; go to the shredder; to be filed in future storage systems) — and then, when the living room was cluttered with piles, artfully put everything back in the closets. Now, all of the collected items are ready for their destinations, but they’re out of the way and packed to go.

Ron reorganized the kitchen cabinets, measured rooms and areas, and is out scouting storage capabilities and systems based on my home-office needs. Many of us have numerous skills, but organizing is Ron’s gift and genius. Plus, he makes it fun. I feel like my apartment can beathe again ... and more importantly, I have room to put new things as they come in. All in all, working with Ron has been a delight and. as odd as it may sound, a miracle. What a joy to have the clutter gone, and put in the right place.
— Michael Shepley, President Shepley Public Relations

Love the closet! I have had to pack for a trip to California and to Florida and for the first time ever, it was easy!
— Ellen Hoeffel, Homemaker, Greenwich, CT

Wow. What a difference! We’ve come a long way!” (Responding to the before and after photos of the PR Closets at Nike headquarters designed and organized by A+ Organizing)
— Kilee Hughes, US Communications Nike, Inc.