Did you just inherit a lifetime of someone else’s things?

Are you an attorney charged with liquidating a clients estate?

Are you thinking of right-sizing you home and life?

Let us work with you on what can be one of the most stressful events in your life. We can assist you to sort through a lifetime of acquisitions into their respective categories so they can be sent to the appropriate heirs, donated to charity or hauled off and recycled. Whatever the goals of the estate clearance happen to be, we can execute them in and orderly, efficient and safe way. We are vigilant to uncover money and items of value that can be hidden in all sorts of places that could appear like trash to someone who is not doing this careful sorting. We have made many discoveries over the years of items with monetary or sentimental value, through our careful sorting process. Don’t let you estate clearance up to an untrained or inexperienced team.

Once we have gone through the sorting process, we are ready to work with you to make sure the heirs get what they are entitled. Through our partnerships with movers, shippers, charities and junk haulers, we can make sure that the items go where they are intended to go and the estate can be settled. We will be there with you from start to finish. No need to go it alone when you can work with A+ Organizing℠ on this Herculean endeavor.

Estate Clearance Services

  • Develop Action Plan and Timeline

  • Sort Possessions into the Respective Categories

  • Work With You to Determine the Items Proper Destination

  • Contact the Appropriate Shipper(s) for the Items

  • Supervise Packing

  • Supervise Trash Hauling

  • Identify & Coordinate Storage Solutions, if Necessary

  • Continue With All of the Above Processes Right Up to Having the Property Broom Swept

“Ron is absolutely the BEST! Prompt, professional, upbeat and a true visionary. After 50+ years living in NYC he made my cross-country move possible with his insightful planning; his thorough, artistic and intuitive thinking; and his fabulous resource connections. He turned what could have been overwhelming logistical nightmare into a seamless process. I couldn’t have accomplished it without him.”

— Joan Morgan