To assist individuals in having more enjoyable and productive lives by bringing order, balance and comfort to homes and offices. Through personal analysis of individual organizational needs and goals, we jointly established a plan to achieve your goals and to ensure on-going support to maintain a high level of organization in your personal and professional life.

Ron Shuma, CPO  ®, CPO-CD®, CRTS®, CSP Founder, A+ Organizing ℠

Ron Shuma, CPO®, CPO-CD®, CRTS®, CSP
Founder, A+ Organizing

After Ron Shuma transformed my (home) office, I knew I wanted the same standard of living in all of my apartment. I had to have him back! With an artistic eye he creates organization and systems and a sense of grace such that I feel a renewed sense of possibility about my life.
— Consuelo Gonzalez, President, Glamkatz, Inc.

From a very early age, Ron showed an innate ability to bring order to things. In the words of his father, "You could always tell where Ron had been because everything was lined up and in order." Needless to say, his parents never had to tell him to clean up his room. Of course, it was already done. His closet was always organized by season, size and color. He organized his mother's kitchen cupboards for both functionality and aesthetics. Even his father's workbench could not escape his exacting eye as he provided organizing solutions for the screws, nails and tools alike. Ron's fascination with all things organized has continued throughout his life as he has helped countless clients, friends and family organize their closets, attics, garages and just about everything else.

Since graduating from college with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, Ron has spent over twenty years as a successful professional in both for profit and not-for-profit enterprises. His diverse background includes medical equipment sales, workplace training, consignment furniture sales, brewer (of fine beers and ales) and vocational programming for individuals with physical and mental disabilities. Ron then founded A+ Organizing℠ as a way to bring his wealth of experience, as well as his extraordinary sense of organization, to benefit people like you.

A+ Organizing's Commitment to YOU

  • Delivering the results as promised. 
  • Treating you with respect and compassion. 
  • Serving you with integrity, competence, and objectivity. 
  • Offering quality services that will get the job done. 
  • Being on time for all meetings and work sessions. 
  • Recommending the services of other qualified professionals where appropriate.

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